The "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (in short FAZ) is one of Germany's well-known and most renowed newspapers.

In the course of shaping a new and innovative algorithm referring to the personalization of news, the FAZ has initiated the project F9. In order to yield novel impulses and future-oriented innovations, project F9 embodies a Design Case Study exploring possible opportunities. Within this, the focus lies on conceptualisation and design of a digital news application.

Motion study – Creating the personalized news stream.  

Motion study – Scrolling though the personalized news stream.

Motion study – Switching between reading modi

Video Mode – The video mode enables the user a clear and focused view on videocontent. 

Compact Reading Mode – Allways in hurry or just do not like all that noising stuff going on in your news app? No problem the compact reading mode enables a really reduced view on the most importend headlines of the day. 

Bold Mode – You want the whole world at your fingertips? Maybe the bold mode is your best choice. Big pictures and just short bulletpoints as headlines. Direct and ready to catch your interest.

Infographic – The blue background emgodies the fundamental FAZ cosmos, creating and gathering relevant content for the user for the User. The second layer represents the personalized content giving you your personal best articles, news and videos. At the topmost layer  the main user interface elements are placed. 


Type Mobile-App, Case Study
Role UI/UX Design
Year 2016
Agency Kolle Rebbe
Client Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung